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New Thought Pioneers

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William Walker Atkinson - (December 5, 1862 – November 22, 1932)

American pioneer of the New Thought movement. He is the author of the pseudonymous works attributed to Theron Q. Dumont and Yogi Ramacharaka

Neville Lancelot Goddard - (February 19, 1905 – October 1, 1972)

Was a Barbadian New Thought author who wrote on the Bible, mysticism, and self-help.

Charles Francis Haanel - (May 22, 1866 – November 27, 1949) was an American author, philosopher and a businessman. He is best known for his contributions to the New Thought movement through his book The Master Key System. The Master Key system and was published in 1912 at the age of 46.He published Mental Chemistry in 1922, The New Psychology in 1924, and A Book about You in 1927 and The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi which he coordinated with Victor Simon Perera in 1937.

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