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Craniosacral Bodywork

$160.00 per 70-min first visit         

$125.00 per 45-min follow-up

$75.00  per 30-min short follow up

After the first visit I always recommend a 1-week is follow-up appointment. Whenever working with any physical ailment we begin with 4 to 8 weeks of treatment. As your symptoms decrease we then move to every other week, followed by every three weeks. At this point monthly maintaince visits are strongly recommended. If your job or general lifestyle is strenuous you may stay at every three weeks. You will feel more balanced and aligned with regular visits. Recover from future injuries will be shorter with regular visits as well.

Expect to feel relaxed after your session. The work performed on the table continues to integrate as you returned to your normal everyday activities. 

Call or text 508.360.8808 - 

Full payment is required for missed appointments or cancellations under 24-hours notice.


Craniosacral for those undergoing or recovering from radiation and/or chemotherapy and cancer-related palliative care

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