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Craniosacral Life Coaching

As a Craniosacral Therapist I have been practicing what many now call Somatic Therapy. Soma by definition is "the body as distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche." The mind-soul or psycho-spiritual relationship has been a primary interest for me as long as I can remember. Most people now accept to some degree the mind-body or psycho-somatic relationship, but not nearly as many connect this relationship to a higher power. I am happy now to have combined,integrated, or synthesized these ideas together in one treatment.

As you enter your session bring your goals, hopes and dreams. Share your troubles, problems and worries. We will spend some time talking and sometime on the table. How much of each will be determined by your experience, goals, and issues.  

This is an awareness based practice. Awareness of your thoughts, of your feeling and of the your body. As you become more mindful of yourself you begin to connect deeper to your higher self and you begin to feel into who you really are. From this place decisions are more easily made. This happens not by what I tell you to do, but by your own internal guidance, or Self. 

Hope to see you soon - Andy

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