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Craniosacral Therapy

I view the body as the sum total of every experience, injury, job, and stressor that has ever entered your life. All of these experiences create a pattern in your body, especially your spine. Your posture or alignment is a very small part of treatment. I am more concerned with how well your entire body moves together. Yes, aligning the pelvis is important, but more important is how the hips move with the low back, with the knees, with the feet.


Alignment is integrating the legs with the low back, freeing nerve impingements not only in the spine, but down the entire leg. The shoulders are part of the arms and neck and vice versa. They cannot be separated into just joints. It is a Whole-istic approach as much as it is holistic. This way a new pattern is developed in the body, instead of correcting specific parts. 

There are no "adjustments" the whole treatment is the adjustment. I do not crack the joints or use any high velocity thrusting. Small, gentle, slow movements create longer lasting change. This way your not just doing pain management, or getting a quick fix for the problem only to happen again, or change to something worse.


The body likes slow, we are moving and thinking fast all day. Treatments allows you to catch up with yourself.  The actual "techniques" are whatever is required that day to bring appropriate change. Your body heals better when it is relaxed and feels safe.  This is always the primary goal in every session. 

Hope to see you soon - Andy

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