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Psychosynthesis Life Coaching 

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Sometimes we arrive at a certain place in life and struggle internally as to how we got there. It is frequently followed by the larger question, what's next?  Often we know we want something and but don't know how to get there, where to begin or even what that something is.  Perhaps you feel that your life is great and you can't understand why you are searching for more, or something else. Maybe you just need help figuring out what color to paint your house. Psychosynthesis welcomes your own path to Self-discovery.

Psychosynthesis is psychologically based Life Coaching method. It helps you build awareness of yourself and how you move through life.  Through this awareness you will be examining your behaviors in relation to your personality and your life-style (hence life coaching). Developing a better understanding of who you are will help you attain your goals and move through complicated life transitions with more ease.  


The Life Coach acts as a guide for you to discover your own answers. They help you orient your life around personal growth and development so the answers to your lives questions becomes clearer. With a new perspective of yourself achieving goals and desires starts to feel more attainable. It is a way to  change yourself  consciously to provide new outcomes. 


Psychosynthesis takes life coaching one step further by acknowledging a Higher Self. This is the part of you that extends beyond your body and your thoughts.  It is an internal guidance system built into all of us. It is the part you accessed every time you bring awareness to yourself, your thoughts and your behaviors. Some may call this a psycho-spiritual approach. The belief is that our spiritual aspects can be integrated or synthesized into the whole person and this is done using the awareness of the mind, hence psycho-synthesis.


Spiritual qualities can be inspirations, intuitions, creativity, empathy, joy, and many many more. The coach views the client from a place of having these qualities as well as a personality. You will be viewed as a soul with a body not the other way around. This means all the answers are contained within you not the coach. This may sound entirely new to you or you may feel right at home with this belief. Either way it can work for you in your life

I am currently studying Psychosynthesis at the Synthesis Northeast training program. This program meets in person and virtually on a monthly bases. I am due to graduate in December 2023. If you are interested in exploring some your life situation deeper please contact me and set up an 1/2 hour consultation. I was serious about the color your painting your house. No issue is too small

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