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Psychosynthesis Life Coaching 

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Psychosynthesis is psychologically based Life Coaching method. feel it is perhaps more easily understood as psychospirituality. In this approach, the coach views the client not only as a personality with behaviors but also as a soul with a body that innately contains all the answers. The Life Coach acts as a guide for the person to find their own path of self discovery. Every decision and path can be viewed from a place of presence and awareness. Psychospiritual work is grounded in belief that a higher self is contained in all of us and when attuned to this Self, our lives flow with more ease and less resistance. 


I am currently studying psychosynthesis at the Synthesis Northeast training program. This program meets in person and virtually on a monthly bases. I am due to graduate in December 2023. Every month I work toward integrating or "synthesizing" this work into my Craniosacral treatments. If you are interested in a exploring yourself deeper using mind, body and spirit (PsychoSomaSpiritual) in one integrated process please contact me set up an appointment or have a virtual conversation. 

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