Beyond MV is a collaboration of bodywork, psychotherapy & yoga; facilitating healing to the individual that impacts the island as a whole.


We focus on the natural intelligence of the body, the influence of the mind, and the impact of emotion on overall health & wellbeing. 


The ways we move, think, and feel continually shape our being. It is beyond alignment & posture; it is about movement and feeling. Emotional health impacts our thinking, behavior, and also our physical wellbeing. Emotions are often stored in our physical body which can be a source of stress-related illness, somatic anxiety, and general malaise. 


We all have a story-our bodies often speak the truth while our minds confirm & write the narrative. Insight & motivation are often the birthplace of change. Releasing emotional energy allows for more freedom in the body. 


Beyond MV seeks to offer and integrate natural evidence-based therapies in a cohesive thoughtful way to promote balance on all levels.