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Yoga Coaching

Adapting the yoga to your body
Not the other way around

Do certain postures not feel right for you?

Do you want understand your spine, not someone elses idea of it?

Has chaturanga-dun-dam-aged-yah?

Want downward dog made easy?

Interested in the hidden secretes of shoulders ?

 Are you inverted or an extrovert ?

Injuries are not a problem, let me show you!


 *Yoga Consultations are 30-minutes (plus a 15-min free intake for the first visit)


*You pick no more than 5 postures you wish to work on


*This is hands-on coaching session 

Yoga coaching is not a private yoga class or similar to a yoga workshop. You are not learning someone else's interpretation of the correct way to perform a posture. I will be tailoring the postures to your specific body, as well as, your personal goals in yoga. Try not to see it as a "modification" but instead an adaptation of asana. The focus is not on what you can't do, instead on what your body already does well. 

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